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Category Archives: Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading And Police Investigation

There are more people seeking help from psychics at the present time than there has ever been. Psychics are overlooked by many police departments because they do not believe in, or understand the vital information a psychic reader can bring to help them solve a crime. Even those who believe in psychics and their abilities […]

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Psychic Readers’ Successes And Failures

The biggest error people make when it comes to psychic readings is the unrealistic idea that those with psychic abilities have a perfect track record when it comes to prediction. After all psychics are people too, made of flesh and bone the same as everyone, and I don’t know anyone who is perfect. Why should […]

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Rune Casting

It is important to remember that rune casting is not fortune telling. Rune casting works on a deep level with the subconscious. The rune pouch and the rune symbols represent the entire Universe. When a question is asked the entire conscious and unconscious is focused on that question. The selected runes are not random but […]

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