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How to Start an Online Dating Seduction

Seducing a woman and making her fall for you is not an easy task especially if you’re dealing with the woman you met on online dating sites, since you have to do the seduction without direct contact or face-to-face conversation. Unlike with traditional dating, where you can dress your best and practice your gestures to attract your date, online dating seduction is confined with only chatting, phone calls, or emails in the beginning.

Online dating seduction starts with your profile photo so make sure you uploaded your best shot. A clear natural looking photo is better than edited ones. Make sure your photo shows a no-nonsense you, upload a close-up picture on the profile and create an album where you can upload photos of you doing several activities. A picture of you in the office or in your workplace generally works best. If you’re a sporty type of man, you can also add photos of you in different outdoor activities to build an impression of fun-loving person in you. Photos depicting nudity or sexually explicit ones should be avoided at all cost because although most site offering free online dating are less strict than paid sites all of them still have rules governing pornographic photos.

In filling up your profile, make sure you take time to write a good description of yourself, avoid writing an essay or a melodramatic description because women tend to ignore overly descriptive profiles. Stick to words showing your funny, confident, flirty, and brilliant sides. If you found a woman that has caught your interest, start a light and friendly conversation to build rapport. Take things slow, dropping the I want you signals too soon will not help you win her,
If the woman replied to your messages, take time to read and message back, compose your messages carefully, answer what she’s asking you but avoid telling all your private stories. Telling her your family problems will not help in this stage.

If you feel that the woman is getting comfortable with your conversation, start to experiment in your means of communication. Ask her for her phone number and make some thoughtful short calls before going to bed. This will make her think about you as she sleeps. When you think you’ve passed those awkward getting to know each other stage you can now begin to drop some flirty-sweet messages to make her think of you in a whole new way.

Don’t rush to meet her, the more you prolong the meet-ups the more the anticipation will heighten. Wait for the right time and when it comes plan your date carefully so that it will be memorable for both of you.

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