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Online Dating Tips for Women: Doing the Body Language

Most online dating will eventually lead to a more serious face-to-face dating where you will have to dress up and meet the person on the other line. From your constant chatting you may have probably develop a mutual interest and want to take your online dating rendezvous into a more personal level. So, unless he only tricked you into meeting him you may want to create a favorable impression and eventually make him fall for you.

Aside from flowery words and awkward silence, more and more women are using body language to express their desire and attract their potential lifelong partner. Likewise, body language is also an effective tool to repel the wrong people and show that you’re not interested.

One popular body language tool is the eye contact. Nowadays women were using their eyes to show their interest and affection to their date. Eye contact is also a great way to flirt discretely and avoid being labeled as a slut. The proper way of “giving the eye” is not to directly stare, begin with flirty glances following with short eye contacts. Drop your gaze when he caught you and smile a little.

Some of the people you met from online dating sites may not pass your expectation and sometimes you might need to drop the not interested sign. Your eyes are also an effective weapon to do this by avoiding eye contact, faking a sleepy eye, or looking in many things while he speaks.

Your hands are likewise a powerful tool, you can use your hands to send flirty messages or show signs that you’re interested with him. Small ways such as playing with the rim of your wine glass or touching your hair or blouse with a rhythm can send the message. A confident woman can also try a bolder move like touching him discretely or toying with his feet while having a funny conversation. Just make sure you don’t overdo the touching to avoid scaring your date. 

You can also use your body posture to show your interest with your date. Leaning your body towards him while being engaged in a conversation is one way of dropping the sign, as well as the little head tilt and legs movement. Avoid a very stiff posture or moving your body far from him unless you want to scare him of.

Always remember that different people react differently so make sure you do your thing right. Most sites even those that offer free online dating have additional tips and articles that you can read or use to help you make the first date more favorable so make sure to spend time browsing them.

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